Afternoon Ambience

A lush soundscape for relaxation and rejuvenation

“Afternoon Ambience” is a lush Indian Classical Music soundscape based on Raga Bhimpalasi, an afternoon raga. The intention is for healing and relaxation through sound and to bathe in sonic beauty.  Featuring santoor (Dan Blanchard), bansuri flute (Sheela Bringi), cello (Chris Votek), tabla (Neelamjit Dhillon) and ambient guitar (Jeff Ali).

Afternoon Ambience Front cover
Afternoon Ambience Back cover
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Dan Blanchard

Dan Blanchard

Santoor, Harmonium, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Tanpura

Dan Blanchard is a multi-instrumentalist, blending ancient Indian Classical Music with world and western music to explore the therapeutic power of music. Dan has been playing western instruments such as guitar and piano since childhood and is classically trained in Indian Classical Music on the santoor by Indian master Pandit Satish Vyas. Joined by other talented musicians from the world and sound healing scene, Dan adapts his music for the modern world, providing a powerful and engaging experience for overall well-being, joy, and inner peace.

Supporting Artists

Neelamjit Dhillon

Dr. Neelamjit Dhillon is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Los Angeles. Neelamjit’s primary instruments are the tabla, saxophone, and bansuri. Born and raised in Vancouver Canada, Neelamjit is skilled in both North Indian classical and American jazz music. His music is a reflection of his own multifaceted identity, spirituality, and vision for promoting a more equitable and just society through shared experience and collective action.

Sheela Bringi

Bansuri Flute

Sheela Bringi is a sacred music artist whose lush Indian vocals, soaring bansuri flute and harp have graced 30+ new age and world records. Sheela has extensive training in North Indian classical, devotional and Western musical traditions. Sheela tours internationally and is currently based in Boulder, CO, where she teaches Indian Devotional & Raga Singing at Naropa University, and around the world.

Chris Votek

Chris Votek is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, arranger, and educator living and breathing music in Los Angeles. Chris is an acclaimed cellist recording and performing with ensembles ranging from Western Classical, North Indian Classical, Arabic, Electronica, Jazz, Avant-Garde, Persian, Pop, and Rock. A devoted student of master Gayaki-Ang violinists Dr N. Rajam and Jagannathan Ramamoorthy, Votek’s subtle and nuanced sound is greatly informed by his continual study adapting this ancient music to the cello.

Jeff Ali

Ambient Guitar
Jeff is a music composer, live-loop ambient artist, multi-instrumentalist who works with creatives across several mediums weaving a tapestry of sound and music into the fabric of each unique creation he participates in. Jeff is Based in Los Angeles, CA and composes music for film, theater and advertising.
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