Latest Album October 2020: Afternoon Ambience

A lush soundscape for relaxation and rejuvenation based on Raga Bhimpalasi.

“Afternoon Ambience” is a lush Indian Classical Music soundscape based on Raga Bhimpalasi, an afternoon raga. The intention is for healing and relaxation through sound and to bathe in sonic beauty.

It features santoor (Dan Blanchard), bansuri flute (Sheela Bringi), cello (Chris Votek), tabla (Neelamjit Dhillon) and ambient guitar (Jeff Ali).

Listen here:

The Heart of Nepal with Manohar Gurung (2018)

Instrumental Folk and Festival Songs from Nepal for Peace and Joy, featuring Santoor, Tabla, Madal and Bansuri Flute. 
“The Heart of Nepal” is a world music album in production by santoorist and multi-instrumentalist Dan Blanchard and multi-percussionist Manohar Gurung. Dan and Manohar blend traditional folk melodies and festival songs from the Himalayan country of Nepal with Indian Classical Music and Western composition in a modern production. Features guest musicians Sheela Bringi (Bansuri Flute) and Eddie Young (Bass Guitar), production by Ronan Chris Murphy.

Experience the wonder and beauty of Christmas in an East Meets West fusion of Christmas Carols and Indian Classical Music. 

Dan Blanchard and seven guest musicians take the listener down a pathway that is both utterly familiar yet also bracingly new on The Spirit of Christmas as he fuses the much beloved melodies of traditional carols such as “Jingle Bells,” “We Three Kings,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” with a healthy dose of Indian fusion influences. Featuring an assortment of instruments from both Indian and Western cultures, The Spirit of Christmas reveals that the musical treats of the noted holiday hold truly universal appeal as Blanchard and company imbue a festive and exotic flavor into the time-tested carols. Occasionally embellished with original arrangements to more fully incoporate the Indian music elements, yet always instantly recognizable, the twelve classics will make a great addition to any holiday music fan’s collection and your in-studio phones are almost certain to light up during airplay.

Awakening (Raga Bhairav)

A morning musical journey for meditation and movement inspired by Indian Classical Music.
Awakening is based on a morning Raga called Bhairav. My intention was to make an album to encourage listeners to have a mindful and peaceful start to their day. I wanted to keep the authenticity of the Raga but to round it out with some modern elements to give a sense of fullness and completion to a morning yoga or movement practice.
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