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“Resilience” is the latest single by Dan Blanchard, inspired by the health, economic, and social crises the world is encountering in 2020.

“One night I was sitting at the piano, far away from my loved ones and feeling down about everything going on with our society, and I started playing this chord progression which touched my heart.  One thing led to another and I composed the whole song and arranged the string parts”, says Blanchard.

The song is matched with a highly stylized animated video created by Dreadmoor Media Arts, in which several frightening events unfold before a young girl’s eyes – her parents’ small business suffers economic distress, her grandparents contracting COVID-19, and people in her community griping with the unprecedented challenges we are all facing.

“Resilience” releases January 4, 2021 on all platforms.

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Full working script:

Script of Pixar style animation video in progress (main character is a young girl, the photo above):

• Open with a shot of the Earth, incremental cut/zoom to city.

• Young child, experiencing their world during a period of normalcy, playing with their friends, spending time with their parents at their family business, eagerly awaiting a visit from their grandparents at home.

• We see the pandemic strike and then show the evolution of the effects incrementally, beginning with the news broadcasts, the decreasing number of people in the streets, the loss of business and the impact on the family, the loss of color in the world, then transitioning into a surreal world where people are masked and almost faceless, we also see the businesses closing all around town, zooming out to multiple cuts of America, where we see tons of businesses with closed signs across the doors and windows. Child sees people arguing about mask wearing.

• The child stares out of the window as they are no longer allowed to play outside, we then see the parents receive a phone call that causes their mood to turn even more sorrowful.

• We cut to the hospital where the grandparents are both in beds. The child tries to open the door to walk into their room but a healthcare professional stops them and shakes their head, pointing toward the quarantine sign. We see the light go out in the room where the grandparents are, signifying they have passed. We see a funeral with just the small family, the color pallet is completely greyed out.

• We see the child notice a butterfly on the flowers decorating the grave as if a messenger from the grandparents. Where the butterfly lands, color begins to return to the world. As the family drives home, we see the different parts of community reaching out to help each other. No one notices the butterfly following alongside the car, changing the color of the landscape in order to show the child that there is hope. We see the family business both helping and being helped through the crisis. The last shot we see is the family standing in front of the television, with a newscast showing more hopeful news. They hug. Cut/Zoom out to the Earth.

• End


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