The Heart of Nepal

Folk And Festival Songs of the Himalayas

Dan Blanchard and Manohar Gurung

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“The Heart of Nepal” is a world music album by santoorist and multi-instrumentalist Dan Blanchard and multi-percussionist Manohar Gurung. Dan and Manohar blend traditional folk melodies and festival songs from the Himalayan country of Nepal with Indian Classical Music and Western composition in a modern production. Features guest musicians Sheela Bringi (Bansuri Flute) and Eddie Young (Bass Guitar). The foundations of the album are the rhythms on the Nepali hand drums (Madal and Tabla) and the melodies of the folk songs played on the Santoor and Bansuri Flute, filled out and supported by western elements of guitar, bass and keyboards.

Kamini NatarajanKirtan and World Music Artist
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"The Heart of Nepal is just that - heart centered music of Nepal played beautifully on Santoor, Bansuri flute, Cello and Slide Guitar with dynamic Percussions. Perfect music for when you want to feel absolutely relaxed and feel the stillness of Himalayas. Tracks are perfectly mixed to bring in the beauty of each instrument and they take you on a journey. I have enjoyed listening to the entire album on a loop several times.“
Yogi ArvindSpiritual Teacher, Entrepreneur and Author
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"The combination of classical Indian Raagas and folk music from Nepal is nothing short of an enchanting experience. I love the playfulness of the folk aspect of this album, while remaining true to the spirit of classical Indian music, invoking a different emotion with each track. The album would be a good addition to one's music library for intimate parties and relaxing times. Great artistry by Dan and Manohar."
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The Story of The Heart of Nepal

Experience The Heart of Nepal today!


Dan Blanchard

Dan Blanchard is a multi-instrumentalist, blending ancient Indian Classical Music with world and western music to explore the therapeutic power of music. Dan has been playing western instruments such as guitar and piano since childhood and is classically trained in Indian Classical Music on the santoor by Indian master Pandit Satish Vyas. Joined by other talented musicians from the world and sound healing scene, Dan adapts his music for the modern world, providing a powerful and engaging experience for overall well-being, joy, and inner peace.

Manohar Gurung

Manohar Gurung is a Himalayan percussionist and composer, whose work has blended the music of his homeland (Hindustani/Nepalese) with jazz fusion, funk, world music and spiritual genres such as bhajan, kirtan, sufi, and gypsy. Mr. Gurung is one of the most versatile multi-percussionists having immersed himself in percussion and drums from around the globe. He has a number of collaborative projects and has released five albums.

Also Featuring

Sheela Bringi

Bansuri Flute

Sheela Bringi is a sacred music artist whose lush Indian vocals, soaring bansuri flute and harp have graced 30+ new age and world records. Sheela has extensive training in North Indian classical, devotional and Western musical traditions. Sheela tours internationally and is currently based in Boulder, CO, where she teaches Indian Devotional & Raga Singing at Naropa University, and around the world.

Dave Cipriani

Indian Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Award-Winning Indian Slide Guitarist Dave Cipriani was first introduced to Hindustani music in 1998 with sitar master Jai Kishor. He has had major studies with Indian Slide guitar pioneer Pandit Barun Kumar Pal, and since 2008 with Ustad Aashish Khan, the grandson of Maihar Gharana founder Baba Allaudin Khan. He holds an MFA in North Indian Music from California Institute of the Arts and is featured in the films The Tiger Hunter, Basmati Blues, and Jaya.

Eddie Young

Bass Guitar, Cello

A musician since the late 60’s. Eddie plays the Bass, Cello and Flute. Eddie has played a variety of musical styles for many decades, but an interest in the music and philosophy of East took over, and for the last 17 years he has played in several Kirtan bands. Eddie says: “Music is my spiritual path. For me the goal is to get out of the way and let the Music happen. When I am truly playing music, it’s flowing through me and I am a witness to it.”
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