Upcoming Concerts – This Weekend in Santa Monica and Ojai and Dec. 22 in Denver

Greetings DBlanchard86! Happy Holliday season – I want to fill you in on upcoming concerts. If you are the area and are inspired to come, I would love to see you. Also the album releases for “The Heart of Nepal” and “The Spirit of Christmas” are almost here – this Friday December 7- they should be available on iTunes and Amazon and Spotify that day.

This Friday December 7th at 8:00 pm, we will be doing a concert and two album releases in Santa Monica at the Bhakti Yoga Shala (207 Arizona St), for both “The Heart of Nepal” and “The Spirit of Christmas”. Manohar Gurung will be playing percussion and so this show will be more the Nepali folk and festival songs with a couple of Christmas carols sprinkled in.

Next up is a concert in Ojai on Sunday Dec 9 at 5:00pm with Dave Cipriani on Indian Slide Guitar and Leonice Shinneman on Tabla. All three of us are classically trained so this will be Christmas Carols and some of the Nepali songs done in an Indian Classical style.

Finally, very happy to announce will be playing a Holiday concert in Denver on Dec 22. Accompanying me will be Sheela Bringi on the bansuri flute – the combination of santoor (my main instrument) and the bansuri flute is very special, if you are in the area I hope you can make it! We will be joined by Nabin Shresthra on the tabla and Brent Kuecker on the harmonium and bass.

Wishing you lots of love and peace this Holiday season.


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